Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phone a friend?

Where else but a in small town could you call the police department, have the dispatcher call a police officer for you on the police radio, give him your phone number, have the police officer call you back on his personal cell phone and then request directions from Dispatch to your ex-husband's house out of town, all without receiving a bona fide call for service? All to help serve court papers? (We've got the 911 tape. We'll post it soon. Thinking of making a youtube out of it.) Now THAT's service!

Of course, you have to convince the police you're a damsel in distress and that everyone's out to get you. (But couldn't that be paranoia?)

You wouldn't get that type of service if you were a man. Or lived in the big city.

But wait. It gets worse. It turned into an unlawful seizure as the small town police officers demonstrated their ignorance of the law.

And then it became a Federal Civil Right lawsuit. They weaved and dodged, but having a recording of the whole thing paid off. They eventually settled with our blogger.

While one of the bad cops (Sgt. Slocum) retired - it was his second 4th Amendment violation, the small town police department (Prescott PD) dropped an investigation of the other cop (Cook) and promoted him to Sergeant! Wow - must be nice to be incompetent in a small town.

You can read all about in the small town paper - which, actually did a good job of covering this story.

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